Top 10 trends of 2021 in web design

Top trends on web design 2021 are finally here!!! Continue reading to find the most useful practices for web design this year.


  • The use of Emojis

Emojis have definitely made their way to web design and not only, being one of the most popular website contents, as a universal “language”.  A simple non-verbal way to illustrate the company’s sentiments, with a language familiar to every user.  Use an emoji to express that your hosting team is happy to assist you, which brings a good experience to the user.


  • Animations and Playful Typography

By using animated words usually structured as a particular shape, left-to-right format, the designer creates a vibe or visual theme. They combine traditional with the unconventional, proposition as H1, as a short description, a call-to-action button to attract user attention, makes them buy that domain because the price is a good deal.


  • Retro fonts and Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts were the go-to font style for web design, but this trend has been changed within time. The trend for 2021 is Serif Fonts, considering that the screen sizes and resolutions are improving, cleaner than before.
Retrofuturism, merging old and new bring a new life into traditional bold fonts with a tone of the experiment. Want to make that web hosting offer more visible to users? Write it in retro, serif fonts and set a bright background color.


  • Horizontal scrolling

As you might have seen until now, horizontal scrolling is having a strong comeback. If you are planning to do your web design anytime soon, include a horizontal scroll, for example in an image gallery.


  • 3D and surrealism are everywhere

What makes a bigger impression in websites except for a great domain name, a fast-loading site which is an indicator of good hosting and Lite Speed? Well, it is 3d design elements, surrealism also, animated or not, it is a good way to make harmony with other trending elements of 2021. Imagine a bold serif with a 3d image for a domain name TLD, a plane color, blue or purple? Yes, make this happen for your website.


  • Muted colors

How to make a strong contrast between sections on a website? Use light colors, with dark blocks of color or text.  Imagine a light-yellow background, with red to the orange bold font, this is a good example also. In this way, you can divide the sections of your site in a distinguished way. The domain name information and pricing cannot stay on the same section with the domain name TLD .al, .eu, .ca, .co, and more, same as shared hosting cannot stay unseparated from dedicated hosting.


  • Soft Gradient

There is no better example than a gaussian blur. Providing a soft, natural focus on the page it is used.  In most UX portfolios you will find this approach as a blurred background, on home pages especially.
Write your special offer for the hosting or domain name with a clear, one-color serif font above a gaussian blur gradient.


  • Negative colors

Colors are everywhere this year, and we everywhere we mean EVERYWHERE. A color trend such as contrast, negative colors put together attract too much attention. This is what a site owner is looking for. To get the attention of their users. Let’s take an example, you have a hosting company, you offer a service with good support in the hosting and domain virtual industry. Make the most important part of the website more eye-catching and your clients will go for it.


  • Hover Menu

You can choose each menu design you love, but we are seeing a lot of Hover Menu designs. A menu is one of the most fundamental elements of a website. Imagine a site without a menu? You cannot imagine it right? That’s why it is a very important part of the design is the Menu, why not choose a playful hover effect.


  • Dark mode

Last but not least, every day we see more designers using the dark mode, to make the elements pop up from the screen.  This is a trend of 2021 we will see a lot, and it will go on for a long time. Use a serif font – also mentioned before as a 2021 trend in this blog post, with a black background.

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